Wonder is about a person named Auggie who has a facial deformity. He gets bullied a lot about his face and is always trying to hide it. He was homeschooled by his mother and finally they thought he was ready for normal school. Auggie was really scared to go to school because people may make fun of him. Before school, he met the principal name Mr. Tushman. Auggie started laughing. Mr.Tushman’s nickname was Tushy. Mr. Tushman wanted Auggie to meet with 3 students before school started. Auggie was scared he never knew he would have to see anybody in person yet. Auggie’s mom wanted him to do it and thought it would help him make friends. The 3 people were a girl named Charlotte, a guy named Jack Will, and another guy named Julian. Julian was a bully, Charlotte was crazy, and jack was nice. They made friends. eventually on halloween Jack said he would kill himself if he looked like Auggie. Auggie was really depressed about it. Eventually Jack knew what he said was wrong and said sorry to each other and became friends again. At school they had a field trip and Jack and Auggie had to go pee so they went into the woods to do their business. A few bullies came along and attacked them. But suddenly Julian’s friends were there and helped them out. In the end they all become friends and stop bullying Auggie.

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