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For creative writing, we had a few options of what we could write about. I chose to invent a school for heroes! As stated in the document, this school is located underground so it is very hard to find. This is a boarding school so you can send your kids there for a year and not have to worry until next year. I chose this idea because I knew I could write a lot about this topic and it would be very fun. The next day when I started writing about it, ideas burst out of my mind. It was really fun working on this project and I had lots to write about.

Here is my creative writing:

                                                   A.S Academy 


The school that I am going to invent is a school for heroes. The school’s name is A.S Academy. It Stands for All-Star Academy. A.S Academy is a boarding school so people live there! This school contains a multitude of different heroes like super strength, invisibility, flight, and mind-reading. The school is very safe. It has an alarm system so that the school will know if anything goes wrong, like if one of the villains attacks the school. The school is located underground so not many people know about it. To get into the school you have to try out. It is very dangerous trying out because you might get severely injured. If you pass the tryouts there are 4 different houses you can be put in. There are the Black Bulls, there are the Golden Dawns, there are the Hobbins, and there are the Goblins.


 Each house has its missions. If you complete a mission you get stars for your house. Each year all the houses compete to see who gets the most stars. You don’t have to complete a mission to get a star because there are year-round festivals that you can win at. Depending on how hard your mission is, you get more stars for the harder your mission is. 


When you reach grade 12, you have to fight against villains who try to destroy the school. You get a lot of stars if you defeat a villain. If you get injured during battle it’s ok because there is a medical team to save you. The medical team is very advanced so nobody has ever died in battle. To get into the medical team you need to pass the medical test. The test is very easy because all you have to do is heal an injured person. Each medical team has their own personal trainers and they get 1 dummy assigned to themselves. They are very skilled and a helpful part of A.S academy.


This is what every hero should look forward to. It is called The Sports Festival. The Sports Festival is a festival where all the heroes compete against each other to win 100 stars for their house. There are different themes for the Sports Festival. Each year they change it up. For example, for one year maybe we could play soccer. For the sports festival, you are not able to use your powers because that would be unfair to people with different powers.  This will be a very fun school that you should sign your kid up for! I’m telling you, you won’t regret it! Contact us at 613-245-3452 or ua.acad@gmail.com.


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