aujourd’hui en français j’ai appris le verbe faire.                                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ulw2HkqKaiQ&t=8s

faire/to do


je fais

tu fais

il/elle/on fait

nous faisons

vous faites

ils/elles font

My Genius Hour Project.

My Genius hour project is to make one of those arcade basketball nets. The arcade game will have walls on the side to block it from going away. There will also be a ramp under the basketball net so you don’t have to move a single bit. And of course there will be a stopper at the end of the ramp so you don’t have to have fast reflexes to catch it. There will be two nets so you can play against your friend. I will also consider creating a score system for each side of the walls. I hope it doesn’t break!