Social Studies Quiz

Last week I had my first Social Studies quiz on the map of Canada. One thing I know really well right now is the capitals.  I think I’ve studied that so much that it will never leave my brain. Next, I would like to learn all the city’s in each province and territories. One thing that helped me study was my parents. They would quiz me twenty times until I got them all right. That really helped because I don’t know how i would be able to do that test without memorizing it.

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  1. Hi Benjamins01,

    It sounds like you are an expert on the provinces and capitals of Canada. Do you think I could quiz you today on the capital of Manitoba? I like that you have set a goal of learning all the cities in the provinces and territories. That is a pretty big goal. My Grade 3 students are working on projects about cities in Ontario right now. We can show you our projects if you are interested.
    Have fun in Grade 5!
    Mrs. Bennett

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