Science Experiment

On January 20th, 2021 we had this scientist in the school experiment. Our job was to find out what this mystery powder was made of. First, we had to dip flour into water, and the water became foggy. Then we had to dip Epsom salt into water, the water was clear and the salt dissolved. Then we had to dip baking soda into water and it also turned out foggy. The next step was to dip a Q-tip into water then draw a line with that Q-tip on black construction paper. Then we did the same thing with flour and baking soda. The water line took a long time to dry but the Epsom salt dried really quickly and the baking soda also dried pretty quickly too. Our next step was to dip Epsom salt in water and see how many spoons it took to not dissolve. It took me four spoons until it did not dissolve. Then we had to dip cabbage and vitamin c and baking soda into the water and the water inflated with bubbles. In the end, we found out that the mystery powder was baking soda and flour.

Two Of The Same

A few months ago I made a paragraph about  Masks   . 2 months later I did a paragraph on Minecraft. In my mask paragraph, I still need to work on putting transition words at the right time, adding more detail, and not skipping lines while writing.


Then when I did my Minecraft paragraph. I improved on those three things much more. I added more transition words, added more details and didn’t skip as many lines. I still have much more to improve on in my next paragraph like not skipping any lines, putting a lot more detail, and using transition words better.


Mask paragraph



Wonder is about a person named Auggie who has a facial deformity. He gets bullied a lot about his face and is always trying to hide it. He was homeschooled by his mother and finally they thought he was ready for normal school. Auggie was really scared to go to school because people may make fun of him. Before school, he met the principal name Mr. Tushman. Auggie started laughing. Mr.Tushman’s nickname was Tushy. Mr. Tushman wanted Auggie to meet with 3 students before school started. Auggie was scared he never knew he would have to see anybody in person yet. Auggie’s mom wanted him to do it and thought it would help him make friends. The 3 people were a girl named Charlotte, a guy named Jack Will, and another guy named Julian. Julian was a bully, Charlotte was crazy, and jack was nice. They made friends. eventually on halloween Jack said he would kill himself if he looked like Auggie. Auggie was really depressed about it. Eventually Jack knew what he said was wrong and said sorry to each other and became friends again. At school they had a field trip and Jack and Auggie had to go pee so they went into the woods to do their business. A few bullies came along and attacked them. But suddenly Julian’s friends were there and helped them out. In the end they all become friends and stop bullying Auggie.


aujourd’hui en français j’ai appris le verbe faire.                          

faire/to do


je fais

tu fais

il/elle/on fait

nous faisons

vous faites

ils/elles font

My Genius Hour Project.

My Genius hour project is to make one of those arcade basketball nets. The arcade game will have walls on the side to block it from going away. There will also be a ramp under the basketball net so you don’t have to move a single bit. And of course there will be a stopper at the end of the ramp so you don’t have to have fast reflexes to catch it. There will be two nets so you can play against your friend. I will also consider creating a score system for each side of the walls. I hope it doesn’t break!

Social Studies Quiz

Last week I had my first Social Studies quiz on the map of Canada. One thing I know really well right now is the capitals.  I think I’ve studied that so much that it will never leave my brain. Next, I would like to learn all the city’s in each province and territories. One thing that helped me study was my parents. They would quiz me twenty times until I got them all right. That really helped because I don’t know how i would be able to do that test without memorizing it.

ראש השנה שלי

יום שבת

בבוקר בני דודים שלי באו לצפייה בבית הכנסת.ואז הלכנו לבני דודים לאכול ארוחת צהריים. זה היה מאוד כיף, שיחקנו על לוחות הרחף ושחקנו על לוחות החלקה ואפילו הכיר חברים חדשים.ואז חזרנו למקום שלי לאכול ארוחת ערב.

יוֹם רִאשׁוֹן

בבוקר זה רק אני ואבא שלי בבית הכנסת.וזה היה הסוף.

The mighty chest

The mighty chest

                                                                                                                        By Benny and Adam

Chapter 1 

Once upon a time there was a family with two children Oscar and Freddy whose parents died in a huge snow storm. It all started when their parents said we have to go somewhere to receive this huge chest of gold, but there were levels to receive the chest. Level one was a dragon that could easely kill you, the second level was the snowstorm that my parents died in, and the third and final level was to beat this huge boss with daggers sticking out of his body. Oscar and Freddy really wanted to get the chest of gold but they said to each other it’s too risky every single time. Oscar is four and Freddy is twelve so Freddy has to cook the dinner, he has to make sure Oscar gets to school on time and he has to put him to bed. It was really hard for Freddy that one time he said we’re gonna go and get that big chest. Oscar couldn’t say no because he has to go with him everywhere.


Chapter 2

 So they quickly pack up and get ready to go. So when they were at the first level the dragon pushed Oscar away from Freddy so they were split up. Oscar didn’t know how to fight so he was really scrood. Freddy was blown away to the next level so he couldn’t go back to the 1st level. So if Oscar wanted to meet up with Freddy he would have to pass level 1. Freddy was stuck in a huge snow storm not knowing what to do. 


Chapter 3

Oscar finally passed level 1 and got to level 2. When Oscar found Freddy he was dead. Freddy is dead, what can I do. I can’t find the chest without Freddy. If i were to find the chest i would get my parents and my brother to come back. When Oscar started moving there was a huge avalanche coming. I need to hold onto something. Oscar climbed up a tree and was holding the tree so hard that it felt like he was breaking it. When the avalanche came it quickly blew down the tree but I was still holding onto it. The second I hit the ground the avalanche stopped. 


Chapter 4

There was a kid screaming help so I went over to help him. Instead it was a weird wizard that said your brother is right over here and he’s not dead. So I quickly went over to see him and he was healing up. It turns out he got injured by the dragon, not the avalanche. Freddy and Oscar started moving, just one more level Oscar said. Wait, Oscar said the last level is the boss that has daggers sticking out of his body. How are we supposed to beat him? Oscar you really think I came here unprepared. I have weapons for both of us, here you could take this huge sword to attack his medal body. I’ll take these ninja stars.when they got to the last level there was no boss and it was a toy chest, it turns out this isn’t level three. Then Oscar tells me that there’s as a camera and it was all a test to find out if we were gullible. So then Oscar tells me and we keep on walking until we hear a loud roar behind us we found the dagger boss.


Chapter 5

We immediately get out our weapons and then Freddy unleashes his ninja stars at the boss, and when it hits the stars crumple. Then Oscar tells me that it has daggers made out of metal and it wouldn’t work cause the Ninja stars are made out of metal. But Oscar had expired cheese and a wooden wagon he coated the cheese all over  the wagon and threw it at the boss. The boss started to get smaller and smaller until it became a mighty dagger.


Chapter 6

The dagger was forced into the ground. I put my hand on it and a beam of light came out of the ground. It slips out of the ground and Oscar finds a different dagger, a smaller one. And I noticed it said the final lightning daggers engraved in both of our daggers. I do a 360 and force the dagger in the ground and lightning twirls around the dagger and  I start flying! The lightning forced me and Oscar off the ground. And then we push ourselves and we notice there is sneaky level 4.


Chapter 7

Level 4 was a ghost, (Sorry 2 ghosts). Oscar slashes the dagger but nothing happens to the ghosts. Then I do a 360 just like Freddy, and force it in the ground. Nothing happens to the ghosts against me and Freddy by accidentally made contact with the blades and it blows a ray of light and the ghosts dies.


Chapter 8

There is a path the path unleashes the mighty chest. We pick up the chest, we open the chest… and there is no gold!!!!

There is only a mythical portal in the chest we see it and get sucked in. To an unknown spot. 



                                         To be


שמי בנימין, אני מדבר על החיים שלי


.שמי בנימין

.אני בן 9

.אני אוהב תפילה, התפילה האהובה עלי היא סים שלום

רכיבה על אופניים, סקי, הוקי, טניס, שחייה

.אני לומד דברים חדשים

.אני  עושה סקי תחרותי אבל אני שונא את הקור

.אני תאום והזנב של הכלב שלי מנותק