2 thoughts on “My Mask Paragraph”

  1. Hi Benjamins01,

    I liked reading your posts on masks. Are you happy that masks let you do normal things like go to school and the store? Are you used to wearing a mask? My mask does fog up my glasses too sometimes. I always make sure to take my mask off before I start to drive. Morah Ada uses a special cloth that helps her glasses stay fog-free.
    I am glad you are doing your part to stop the spread of Covid.
    Keep wearing that mask!
    Mrs. Bennett

  2. Hi Benny,

    I agree that masked can be very annoying. It’s so strange to think that a year ago if someone would have told us that we would all need to wear masks to be safe, we would have thought they were crazy. I don’t like wearing my mask but I do have to say that I’ve gotten used to it and I find my glasses don’t fog as often as they used to. At least we can all keep coming to school! Be safe 🙂
    Mrs. Reichstein

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