Science Experiment

On January 20th, 2021 we had this scientist in the school experiment. Our job was to find out what this mystery powder was made of. First, we had to dip flour into water, and the water became foggy. Then we had to dip Epsom salt into water, the water was clear and the salt dissolved. Then we had to dip baking soda into water and it also turned out foggy. The next step was to dip a Q-tip into water then draw a line with that Q-tip on black construction paper. Then we did the same thing with flour and baking soda. The water line took a long time to dry but the Epsom salt dried really quickly and the baking soda also dried pretty quickly too. Our next step was to dip Epsom salt in water and see how many spoons it took to not dissolve. It took me four spoons until it did not dissolve. Then we had to dip cabbage and vitamin c and baking soda into the water and the water inflated with bubbles. In the end, we found out that the mystery powder was baking soda and flour.

Two Of The Same

A few months ago I made a paragraph about  Masks   . 2 months later I did a paragraph on Minecraft. In my mask paragraph, I still need to work on putting transition words at the right time, adding more detail, and not skipping lines while writing.


Then when I did my Minecraft paragraph. I improved on those three things much more. I added more transition words, added more details and didn’t skip as many lines. I still have much more to improve on in my next paragraph like not skipping any lines, putting a lot more detail, and using transition words better.


Mask paragraph