Persuasive Essay

              Why school should end earlier

By Benny

This essay is aimed at achieving the goal of persuading the principal to let school end earlier. Most principals would not be in favor of letting school out earlier because they would think that it is not enough time for the students to learn. To convince the principal to see things my way, I will provide examples and reasons as to why school should end earlier. 

Doctor Mitzmacher and teachers want school to be a long amount of time because they think that it is needed for the students to have enough time to learn. If the school time was shortened then the periods for each subject would be shorter and students may not have as much time to eat or socialize in the playground. 

However, my belief is that If school were to end earlier it would be better for our health and for the principal and teacher’s health. When school is let out earlier the students and teachers have more time to go home and rest, eat proper meals and sleep. 

When leaving school earlier it will allow students to have more time to organize themselves for after school activities. This will decrease the potential for losing items at the JCC such as boots, hats, backpacks and gloves. 

In conclusion, there are more benefits that are addressed in this essay that provide a good persuasive argument that leaving school earlier is better for the whole school then extending the school day.